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Article 1

Remain courteous and respectful of other Guild members, and of other players as a whole ----- This is a game after all, and games are supposed to be fun for all participants. Common courtesy and respect will go a long way to fostering that enjoyment. This is perhaps the greatest of all Black Tower's (BT) bylaws: When followed, it makes all the other rules virtually unnecessary.   

Section 1.1 - All members are to be respectful to eachother and our allies all all times, refraining from vicious and malicious comments that the involved member may find offensive.

Article 2

Chain of Command ----- BT is not a democracy and follows a strict rank-based chain of command.  The highest rank present is in full command and has final say over all decisions unless he/she has waived this right (i.e. to participate in a hunt someone else is leading).  These decisions can be taken to the next highest rank on-line or at a later date with both parties prior knowledge.  In the event of a dispute between two members of the same rank, the best effort should be made to resolve the dispute until a higher ranked member can be found.  At profession-specific gatherings, the member of that profession with the highest rank has final say (i.e. at a warriors training the Commander of Warriors has final say above the Commander of Mages).

Section 2.01 - The highest rank present is in full command and can implement a military style leadership when a situation arises.

 Article 3

Grief killing / PKing by members of the BT will not be tolerated ----- Any Lord or Lady who actively engages in this activity will not be admitted into the Guild. While most of us believe that crimes should not go unpunished, we as a Guild do not act as Judge, Jury, and Executioners in such matters. In light of this, we do not force it upon our members to hunt Murderers, nor do we condemn members who choose to hunt them. We see this as a matter of personal choice, and will do all within our power to see that the hunting of player killers remains so. But do not step over this line into the PK world.

Section 3.01 - There will be absolutely NO player killing without prior consent of any member or ally. Violation of this rule WILL result in immediate separation from the guild not only of that character but all related characters of that account and related accounts.

Article 4

Stand by your Guild mates ----- When in battle against monsters, or against other players you will stand by your Guild mates - your UO family. While PK / grief killing IS unacceptable, it is more unacceptable to stand by and watch a Guild mate get killed and looted. If a Guild member needs help and you are able to provide such help, please try your best to lend assistance.

Section 4.01 - Stand up for eachother. Not helping a member being attacked and killed will not be tolerated. The only exceptions are (A) if the member needing the assistance started the fight, in which case assisting the member is encouraged but not required. (B) The member expected to respond is incapacitated in any way or on a defenseless character.

Article 5

Do not speak ill of the Guild or it's members ----- Any problems, disputes, or disagreements between Guild members should be resolved calmly, responsibly, maturely and privately (that is, within the Guild). Do not allow your anger to get the better of you and escalate the problem. If a disagreement can not be resolved between the concerned parties, you can bring it before a member of the High Council who will arbitrate the dispute fairly and impartially.  Additionally, disputes will be taken care of in person (TS3), not by using chat or guildspeak.

Section 5.01 - Vicious or malicious comments or statements about The Black Tower guild will not be tolerated.

Article 6

Do not steal or loot unjustly ----- By this we refer to the bodies of fellow Guild members or innocents. The sole exception to this is to return their equipment if they have died. When in another's house respect the master of the house by not looting or stealing items that is not your own property. If it is brought to our attention that you have acquired a reputation of a burglar or a house thief, your membership status may be reviewed. Stealing from another Guild member to gain skill is permissible as long as you have that Guild members permission to do so.

Section 6.01 - Stealing from fellow members or allies in any way will not be tolerated which includes but is not limmited to member bodies and homes.


Article 7

Strive to be self-supporting: do not expect the Guild to support you ----- This bylaw applies to funds, equipment, housing, and, most importantly, your gameplay.  Many members of the Guild are very generous in both time and resources, but coming to the Guild to take unfair advantage of this generosity is unacceptable. Money is a relatively easy thing to attain in UO, if you do not know how, just ask! If a member has any problems with attaining items they need the Guild has much information available.  Additionally, try to occupy yourself during down times in Guild activity.  BT, its officers and members are not resposible for your game enjoyment.

Section 7.01 - Guild Crafters can help when they are available to do so however, the member needing the services must be prepared with either all supplies needed or gold to cover for those supplies used by the crafter's personal inventory.

Article 8

Guild Title / Tags need to remain active while you are a member ----- It is required that you wear you Guild Title / Tag at all times unless for some reason the Guild Leader has agreed to removal of the title / tag. If you have not been giving permission to remove them, you will be warned the first time and your membership status may be examined for repeat occurrences. Take pride in your Guild!!! Let the rest of the world know you are proud to be a member.

Section 8.01 - Guild tags that incluse the * and Black Tower identify you as a Black Tower Guild member and must be worn at all times.

Article 9

Guild wars and Alliances ----- BT is not a warring Guild. Our policy is that we will defend ourselves if attacked but we will not be the aggressor. Alliances (or any setting of any Guild policy) must be decided upon by the Guildmaster.

Section 9.01 - All Black Tower members MUST have at least 1 character that can be equipped and on the ready for any warring circumstance. Although we are not a warring guild, we do have enemies that may need to be destroyed at a moments notice.

Article 10

Guild growth, invites, and membership ----- Only the Guildmaster. Guild Leader and selected emissaries can 'invite' a member to join the Guild. New members will be titled appropriately and will join the Guild as probationary term to be X amount of time, and is not set in stone.

Section 10.01 - Emissaries that recruit a new member are responsible to get that member all the information needed to be up to date with current Black Tower Guild standards.

Article 11


Guild fees, Dues, and Donations ----- BT has no fees or does not collect dues. Expenses are paid from Guild sponsored hunts where the proceeds are donated back to the Guild. Donations are appreciated and will be noted. The better the Guild finances get to be, the more chance we have of acquiring a larger home, stocking more and better equipment, and helping members who need of it. We encourage everyone to donate supplies and equipment to the Guild, but it is never expected.

 Section 11.01 - Everyone is not expected but encouraged to donate to the guild.

Article 12



Guild Meetings, members and council ----- Attendance, while not mandatory, is heavily encouraged. Said another way we do not expect you to drop your lives to attend a Guild meeting, but if you are on line and not present it is noticed.


Section 12.01 - Members online during meeting times are required to attend guild meetings.



Article 13


Allied Guilds ----- The application and aherance to these bylaws and the policies of the BT guild by any allied guild is the responsibility and decision of that guild's guildmaster.  While it is not expected that all allied guilds adhere strictly to these bylaws, especially where such adherance is in conflict with their own rules, it is expected that these bylaws be respected as a general operating principal of the Black Tower Allaince (henceforth BT Alliance).     

Section 13.01 - All allied guilds with no current printed bylaws are required to adopt the bylaws of The Black Tower Guild for the purpose of maintaining viewable rules that can be used in the clarification of any possible conflicts.



Article 14


BT is not a democracy ----- When at time there is any conflict between these bylaws, or that can not be resolved using the bylaws as guidelines, the Guildmaster has the final autocratic word.  Additionally, if the Guildmaster is unavailable, the highest ranking player has the final say until such time as the matter can be revisited (see Chain of Command). 

Section 14.01 - The Black Tower bylaws are made to ALWAYS hold the best interest of The Black Tower guild as the top priority of our guild.






Membership Obligations ----- In regards to membership requirements there are four:

1. Acess to Ventrilio is a must, not an option (listening at the very least).

2. Adhering to the Guild bylaws.

3. Attending full-Guild meetings.

4. If you decide to leave BT, please let one of the Guild council members know.


Guild Bylaws, Ratification and Additions ----- Initial installment of Guild Bylaws, and future modifications or additions are subject to change without notice.


Seek Honor and Wisdom, Strength and Compassion.



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